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As the weather gradually gets warmer the Redfish schools will gets more scattered out and the fish will be getting out of their tight Winter Schools! Both Fly and Spin fishing is solid for Reds and not only will their be Tailing Tides this month which provides for the ultimate Sight fishing experience but also on the flats with the Red’s metabolism getting higher as the weather warms the bite should turn on and be hot! The Speckled Trout bite should remain steady and the intro of Migratory fish into our waters will be prevalent! Ladyfish, Bluefish, Spanish will all be showing up and first light fun! Sharks will be showing up which provides for excellent light tackle fun and the Bull Reds will be coming in as well! As bait starts to permeate throughout all our ecosystem the fishing should become more steady and matching the hatch is key! I have openings in March so please give me a ring, cheers! Captain Rawling Pratt-Thomas

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May 2019 Fishing Report

Redfish have been abundant on the flats and we have been catching them well on the bottom, on bait, on grubs, and


May 11th my buddy Captain Ryan Bell and I went 20 miles out to a submerged ship in about 40 ft of

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