Fly fishing in Charleston area waters is a great sport. Lowcountry Triple Charters can arrange a fly fishing charter for the expert fisherman or lessons for the novice.

Charleston offers fly fishing clients many year around opportunities. Most of our fly fishing centers around Redfish. In the winter months, the Redfish gather into huge schools and prowl the shallow water flats. The water becomes gin clear because of the cold and sightcasting is at its best. These fish can be found in schools of 100-500 fish and are found by poling the flats hunting for them. Fly fishingfor Redfish in the summer can be excellent as well. During the high tides (known as “Tailing Tides” which occur during the new and full phases of the moon) the fish will move into the spartina grass to feed on crustaceans. These fish’s tails will be exposed and we will pole the flats looking for feeding fish, but sometimes will leave the boat and chase them on foot.

The migratory species make great fly fishing targets. We find Spanish mackerel and bluefish busting the surface around the Charleston Harbor and the surrounding inlets. These are the easiest of species to catch on the fly. Sometimes they will take the fly right next to the boat. Even though they are easy, they still pull great! Ladyfish are incredibly fun on the fly. They can also be found smashing bait through our estuary. Ladyfish are in the Tarpon family and act very much the same. They make lightning fast runs and jump like crazy. They also love poppers which make for some exciting fishing! The biggest and toughest species to tackle on the fly is the jack crevalle. The fish average around 20 lbs but get much larger. A world record fish of just under 40 pounds was caught in the Charleston Harbor in 1999. These fish are also found busting the surface and love poppers.

For the most part, an 8wt rod with weight-forward floating line will handle everything except giant jacks. For the jacks, I suggest a 10wt or larger rod and reel with at least 150yds of backing. All flies, tackle, and rods are provided but I encourage you to bring your own tackle and anything special you may think will help catch a trophy. Call today and book your charter to start exploring the world of fly fishing.